Anonymous, 1968–1972

Having been an in-patient at the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital (1968–1972), I have a few things I could tell you about the former LSPH.

Yes, there are tunnels in the hospital; they at one time were used for transporting the meals to each ward, and transporting in-patients to the triage area, where they would administer electro-shock therapy, because I myself travelled them on a stretcher to receive shock treatment. As for the treatment of the patients on each ward on a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate it as a 3. As for the food, it was laced with Saul-Peter, yuck! Also, if a patient was disorderly, he/she would be restrained and would be put in a cold pack, which is like being wrapped up like a mummy and then having an injection of some strong tranquilizer. No way would you struggle, because every move you would make the sheets would only get tighter! So you had no choice but to settle down.

One of the gargoyles at the entrance of the Administration Building, August 2005.

During my stay, 1968–1972, I was so hopped up on medication I thought the LSPH was the residence of the devil himself, and all the doctors, nurses and orderlies all belonged to the Nazi Gestapo. One thing that always caught my attention in front of the Administration Office [Administration Building]: one of the gargoyles, cut out of cement structure, at the front entrance. And the Moorhouse, which was located in the southwest corner of the hospital, was a good place for the patients that had acquired ground privileges, and then there was the canteen, where the patients could spend their pin money that they earned in O.T. [Occupational Therapy] $5.00 for one week of work. Wages varied! One thing I did like, every second Wednesday they would hold a dance in the recreation building [Assembly Hall] and all the patients were invited!

Assembly Hall, May 2011.

One time my girlfriend, Judy, and I, both decided to go AWOL from the LSPH. We did prett good, we made it all the way to Calgary, Alberta, but then we got caught by the police for sleeping in the back of a milk truck (Calgary brand?) When we got caught by the police, somehow they found out that we where from LSPH in Etobicoke, Ontario. And then we both were shipped back to the hospital. Then we were confined to our wards and lost all my privileges. Hence, I was going to be transferred to some institution near Aroura, Ontario. But then, instead they started putting lots of patients in group homes for ex-psychiatric patients in Parkdale in Toronto.

From that time on, I have yet to return.