2000–Present: the Opening of the Assembly Hall and Start of the Cemetery Preservation Efforts


  • the sale of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery by the provincial government under the Conservative Party meets with strong criticism of residents in south Etobicoke who are concerned that the new owner, George Damiani, plans to build a chapel and a crematorium on the site.

2000, February 14

  • newly restored Assembly Hall Cultural Centre is officially opened by the mayor Mel Lastman.

2001, May 31–June 17

  • opening celebrations of the Assembly Hall.
Panoramic view of the former Administration Building and the Cottages, August 2010.

2004, May 29 and 30

  • The Gatehouse and the Assembly Hall are featured during the event of Doors Open Toronto.

2005, May 21

  • a cemetery restoration event organized and led by the Psychiatric Survivor Archives, Toronto and Ed Janiszewski, a former employee of the hospital, takes place
  • this event marks the beginning of the Lakeshore Asylum Cemetery Project
  • volunteers begin to restore the cemetery and succeed in bringing the attention of the provinical government to the state of the grounds, which starts to maintain them regularly.

2012, May

  • after seven years of maintenance work and community activism by the Lakeshore Asylum Cemetery Project, a new fence and a commemorative plaque are erected at the cemetery.


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