1959–1969: Revitalization


  • Doctor H.C Moorehouse becomes the new superintendent and completely revitalizes the entire institution following years marked by patient overcrowding, staff shortage, and constant shortage of funding
  • October: the hospital is reorganized into a unit system, designed in order to make the administration of patients to be more effective, with a concentrated treatment
  • as a result, the hospital operates as “a series of functionally autonomous units,” as opposed to the old-styled “traditional centralized organization
  • a cafeteria is built.


  • Doctor Donald Ross Gunn becomes the Director of Clinical Research
  • Cumberland House is renovated to accommodate day and night care of patients, and later a school for the patients from the Child and Adolescent Unit
  • that year, there are 1,096 patients in the hospital’s care with 514 staff members.


  • construction of the R.C. Clark Filtration Plant takes place on the former farm of the hospital.


  • the hospital is renamed again and becomes known as Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital (LSPH)
  • Central Trades Building is destroyed by fire.


  • July 20: the Toronto Star reports that Joseph Armand Roy, a patient suffering from epilepsy, commits suicide by deliberately drowning in Lake Ontario
  • he is found face down in three feet of water, about twenty feet away from the shore.


  • Doctor Gunn is appointed as the superintendent.
  • February 6: he opens the new Child and Adolescent Unit in Cottage 5
  • all of its patients, suffering from “psychiatric and behavioural disorders,” are required to attend a school located in the former superintendent’s residence.


  • construction of R.C. Clark Filtration Plant is completed
  • The Moorehouse is erected by the Association of Volunteers.
Patients playing cards in the Moorehouse, late 1960s.


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