1909–1928: Further Expansion


  • additions to the Gatehouse are made, which include new kitchen, pantry, bedroom, closets, bathroom, and enlarged cellar with a hot air furnace
  • construction of a building for intensive care is requested, but never completed.


  • an incinerator, paint shop, and barn are built
  • a shortage of adequately trained psychiatric nurses forces the provincial Department of Health to establish a nursing school, which is housed in the attic of the Administration Building until 1931
  • the asylum now houses 602 patients and has 111 staff members.
Lakeshore Road, 1927.


  • a pumping house is built
  • the former egineer’s house (constructed in 1891) is converted into the Lakehouse and serves as a residence for various members of staff over the years.


  • July 16: The Toronto Daily Star reports that “[t]he whereabouts of Chas. Naylor, who escaped from Mimico Asylum on Friday afternoon, are still unknown to the local police”
  • the asylum is renamed as Ontario Hospital, Mimico
  • a fire tower is added to the rear building (situated directly behind the Centre Building)
  • the hospital now provides treatment to 619 patients with a staff of 104.


  • October 14: a nurse named Rachael Lake rescues a “a female patient suffering from manic depressive of the depressed type with strongly suicidal impulses”
  • the patient attempted suicide by jumping into the lake.


  • Doctor Fulton Schuyer Vrooman becomes the superintendent
  • the Occupational Therapy Department is inaugurated.


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