The Asylum in Numbers and Departments, 1971


89.79 acres on the shore of Lake Ontario, 10 miles west of downtown Toronto.

Rated Bed Capacity


Catchment Area Served

York County: outside of Toronto, and west of Yonge Street, Peel County, Halton County: Towns of Oakville and Milton, Township of Esquesing.

Population of the Catchment Area


Adult Active Treatment

Approximately 280 beds.

Adult Continued Treatment

Approximately 165 beds.

Geriatric Care

Approximately 70 beds.

Child and Adolescent Care

Approximately 33 beds.

Emergency Service

Varied on a daily basis.

Day Care

Approximately 70 beds.

After Care and Out-Patient Service

1,100 patients, 6,000 interviews annually.

Approved Homes

145 beds.

Speech Therapy

2,367 persons seen in 1971 (includes relatives accompanying patients), 42 community visits.

Geriatric Screening Unit

[No information provided].

Dietary Services

Including therapeutic diets, as required.

X-Ray and Laboratory Services

For in-patients and out-patients.

Employee Health Service

[No information provided].

Ancillary Professional Services

For all patients: psychology, social service, dental service chaplaincy service, occupational therapy, industrial therapy, recreation programs, volunteer programs.

Community Psychiatric Service

[No information provided].


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Retrieved from the Archives for the History of Canadian Psychiatry and Mental Health Services, April 21–22, 2005.