The Superintendents, 1890–1979


Until 1894, when the Mimico Branch Asylum became an independent institution from the Provincial Lunatic Asylum and was subsequently renamed the Mimico Insane Asylum, the physicians in charge of administrating the institution were referred to as “resident physicians,” and not “superintendents.” Nelson Henry Beemer, M.D., is considered to be the first superintendent of the hospital.

The office of the resident physician/superintendent was located on the second floor of the Administration Building, and it overlooked the circular flower bed on the front lawn. The Cumberland House was designed as the residence of the superintendent.

Year/s Name
1889 Thomas William Reynolds, M.B.
1890 John Cascaden, M.B.
1890–1894 John Bernard Murphy, M.B.
1894–1928 Nelson Henry Beemer, M.D.
1928–1929 Fulton Schuyer Vrooman, M.D.
1930–1936 Hugh Alexander McKay, M.B.
1936–1959 Thomas Daly Cumberland, O.B.E., M.B.
1959–1967 Herbert Clayton Moorehouse, M.D., C.R.C.P. (C), F.A.P.A.
1967–1972 Donald Ross Gunn, M.D., C.R.C.P. (C), F.A.P.A.
1972–1974 R.C. Hansen
1974–1975 Frank F. Morin
1975–1978 L. Wayne McKerrow
1978–1979 Joe McMullen


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