Staff Salaries, 1908


The following list, derived from Public Accounts of the Province of Ontario for the Year Ended October 31 1918, fails to mention the amount of funds that were saved due to uncompensated labour of patients that for over sixty years played an instrumental part in the daily operation of the hospital.

Patients, male and female, were employed in most of the occupations listed below: as bakers, carpenters, masons, painters, gardener, farm hands, and many others.



List by Type of Position

Name Position Annual Salary
N. H. Beemer, M.D. superintendent $2,800
J. Rollins, M.D. assistant superintendent $1,133
A. Brown, M.D assistant physician $1,200
J. McArthur, M.D. doctor $4,480
J.Wells dentist $1,750
Alexander Murray clerk and stenographer $1,200
Margaret Pattison not specified $450
R. Elkin storekeeper $1,300
Jessie Blyth matron $700
E. Cose laundryman $560
Geoffrey Dea baker $750
Jno. Gourlay engineer, main building $1,000
William Wilkinson assistant engineer $750
A. Smith electrician $780
R. Maxwell carpenter $750
C. Hurren mason $591.25
E. Carrington not specified $100
Jacob Rutton painter $650
W. E. Stock farmer $950
Thomas Pattison assistant farmer $700
Samuel Matheson gardener $840
Thomas Burgess assistant gardener $492
W. Mathewson not specified $492
[various] chief attendants, attendants and nurses $20,193.96 (total)
[various] domestic help $3,735.03 (total)
[various] stokers $1,684.83 (total)
[various] farm hands $1,080 (total)
[various] temporary assistance $112 (total)


Ontario. Ministry of Treasury and Economics. Public Accounts of the Province of Ontario for the Year Ended October 31 1918. Toronto: Ministry of Treasury and Economics, 1919. Retrieved September 4, 2012.